Herley Boats and The Rock teamed up in 2017 to deliver unique experiences with the public on the water. We fished, cruised, and sunk a few cold ones around the country with Rock listeners, fishing experts, and the occasional All Black, catching big fish and telling tall stories.



 After saying good bye to the original Herley Rock Boat we decided to get together again and build something even more exciting. Something bigger, better, and completely unique to the market. A new breed of boat, a Hybrid powered Catamaran built to our high standard of quality. With years of research going into the development of this system we are now ready to put it into practice, giving us the ability to go further, out wider, and stay longer on bigger adventures than previously before.

To stay up to date on progress tune into The Rock, or follow our social media profiles.



Aluminum for TheRock Beast has arrived and the jig is set up. Ready to start building. Thanks to Paynes Aluminium.

It's BIG

Start of the build of the beast

Time to flip

Finally, we flipped the BEAST!

Such a BEAST

A beautiful looking BEAST

Off for paint

We unleashed the BEAST


Super Yacht Coating did an awesome job!

Our Partners for the Beast


Following the government's announcement on COVID-19 our workshop will close on 26 March until further notice.​ Stay safe and we’ll see you again soon.

Herley Boats Hybrid Power Catamaran

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