We bring together a rare set of skills to complete our craft. The core being a wealth of seagoing, design and boat building experience. We meld the wants of our users with practical design knowledge and unsurpassed boat building techniques and skill. The aluminium boats we deliver are incomparable to anything you will find in the market today.

Hull design

After years of experience at Sea on a multitude of vessels from Navy frigates to commercial fishing boats Sean Kelly has vast experience in what a well rounded, and good performing hull should do. He has decided to take this knowledge and put it into the Herley boats hull design. With three goals in mind Sean and and Nick Herd sat down to discuss how to achieve these goals.

  • Soft Riding
  • Great Ocean going capabilities
  • and stable at rest and underway

These characteristics are achieved from the very front of the boat, ‘The plumb bow’, the entry point for the entire vessel. It is sharp at the bottom and swells out at the sheer line, The sharp entry parts the water with ease, while the fullness at the sheer provides a dry ride. The other benefits of the bow is the added waterline length, this gives you greater efficiency through the water, and due to the action of the bow the hull doesn’t require a ‘deep V’ giving the hull a natural stability.

The thumping and often air-born nature of most aluminium hulls is not present in the Herley hull, Keeping the bow in the water and making it do the work for you rather than jumping from wave to wave the hull stays in contact with the water and breaks the waves as you get to them to form a semi ‘wave-piercing’ action over than having waves break under your feet at the helm minimizing the harsh characteristics that lead to a back aching ride.

Build Quality

Everyone involved in the build process of a Herley boat has a single goal. to build the best boats possible. No corners are cut, no shortcuts made to speed things up. Mass production is not our aim, we take pride in every element that goes into each build. All components are modeled in 3D engineering software prior to production to ensure an exact fit, each item is CNC router or water jet cut, dependent on desired outcome. Machining is completed and then our skilled fabricators build to a set of client/vessel specific plans.

Paint systems used are equivalent to super-yacht coatings to give the highest standard of finish. Then the craft are moved to our fit-out facility to be completed. Each vessel is sea trialed prior to delivery to ensure a stress free boating experience.

Sea Keeping

We will  provide the most comfortable ride in any weather with our signature hull design. The Herley Boats are designed from the hull up. The hull was conceived from years of experience out at sea, combining traditional displacement methods and proven hull shapes we have completely re-developed what is usually considered inside New Zealand as a fast-planning hull. We split the force of a wave before it arrives at your feet. And with a relatively flat aft area she is both stable under way and at rest. We provide a hull that you can rely on getting home safely and comfortably in when the weather turns rough.

Family Comfort

Our boats are designed and built with the whole family in mind. They have everything for a great time on the water, toilets, great flow between our cockpit and Wheelhouse areas, refrigeration and more. Our aluminium boats are finished to the highest standard ensuring your family’s comfort for a great time on the water. Large cockpits ensure there is plenty of space for everyone to fish or dive. Our luxuriously finished wheel houses ensure you can be comfortable all year round.

Classic Styling

With modern aluminium construction we create vessels with presence, the unmatched lines of our vessels create a sense of grace. The use of curves makes sure there are no harsh corners. The Herley Boats get your attention and stand out from the crowd.