Together with our Commercial operations sister company Pacific 7 we offer a wide range of commercial boats available for production, or purpose designed, from small punts through to off shore work boats.

6m Work Punt

A 6m work punt, designed to be easy to use and easy to maintain.  Simplicity is this boats main strength.  Built to survey, and powered by a 60hp outboard.

24m Dumb Barge

Built and designed for strength and longevity in mind.  A 16mm thick deck plate for heavy loads, and 8mm sides.

12m Net Cleaning Vessel

Designed for Salmon farms this twin outboard driven work boat can be utilised and in multiple applications.

12m Charter Fisher

Built and designed to be launched off the beaches of the Coromandel this boat can handle up to 14 passengers, 7 fishing off each side of the vessel with central seating for the journey in and out.

22m Workboat

A multipurpose vessel with a balanced layout of accommodation and deck space. Extensive accommodation for a vessel of her size, and dedicated wheelhouse for zero distractions.

Mini Barges


$35,000 + GST